What is "Jendaurrean Erabili"?

What is “Jendaurrean erabili”(*)?

Nowadays, there are many institutions and companies that communicate in public in Basque (too), and they have built up a large amount of experience and knowledge in this activity. But there are just as many who experience difficulties and doubts when communicating in public in Basque. This project set up by the Sociolinguistics Cluster in collaboration with the UPV/EHU-University of the Basque Country aims to bring all this experience together. The idea is to offer institutions or other types of public players the chance to share their knowledge and doubts with each other, and on the basis of these mutual lessons, to make communicating in Basque in public easier, better and more effective.

(*) The name of this project (Jendaurrean erabili), means something like "Using it in public".